10 Hackers Who STOLE From Video Game Companies

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Some hackers do it for fun, others do it for profit or destruction. Here are some of the biggest criminal hacks in video game history.
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10. Hacker bribed his way into Roblox accounts

09. LulzSec - 2011 Playstation Network Outage (AKA THE PSN HACK)

08. Lizard Squad - Nintendo Switch Leaker gets 3 years in Prison

Lizard Squard leader pleads guilty:

07. The Gigaleak - A massive series of leaks of internal Nintendo data

forums thread showing off a lot of the stuff people found:

06. Egregor - Ransomware 'gang' obtained Ubisoft and Crytek data; leak Watch dogs: legion source code online

05. Capcom employee data stolen by Ragnar Locker ransomware 'gang'

Ragnar Locker ransomware gang:

04. Security Researcher steals confidential info from Microsoft and Nintendo

03. Moderator abused privileges in RUNESCAPE to steal players' gold

02. Derptrolling - DDos Christmas attacker goes to jail

-DDos attacks don't directly steal, but they can lead to thousands in lost revenue.

1. CD Project Red - Ransomware attack
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