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With the development of modern communication media technology, the connection between animation and manga has become closer; taking the first word of these two words together and called it "anime", especially among young people. The origin of the term "animation" can now be verified by the China Animation Publishing Association, founded in 1993, and the monthly animation information magazine "Anime Comic Time" (Anime Comic Time) founded in 1998. Through the propaganda of magazines, Qi generality has developed rapidly in the Chinese-speaking regions, so it is often used to refer to animation, comics, and games [1] collectively as ACG, and in recent years, animations adapted from light novels , Comics, and games are becoming more and more deriving "ACGN"[2] Now that ACG refers to content that also covers light novels, although some people have proposed the use of ACGN as the evolution of the term, in fact, most occasions still In the use of ACG, but due to the development of light novels, the number of people who use ACGN as a pronoun is gradually increasing.

In the later period of Japanese animation, with the rapid rise of the video game industry, these three industries have been closely integrated since the 1990s, and a mature industry chain has formed in Japan. Many works are planned for cross-media production in order to achieve maximum benefits; there are also Many GALGAMEs have been adapted into animation works, such as "The Ramp Dyeing Red at Sunset", "ef-a fairy tale of the two." and so on. Animation has expanded from simple print media and television media to many fields such as television games, the Internet, and toys.

MikuMikuDance was released on February 24, 2008, and has been downloaded by more than 110,000 people as of March 10th [1]. As of October 29th of the same year, there are more than 2,300 animations posted with the "MikuMikuDance" tag on the NICONICO animation.

This software is developed by Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition and DirectX 7 SDK. The required hard disk capacity is quite small and only a few MB after decompression. The 3D model of Hatsune Miku is based on the data made by あにまさ for "アニメーションマスター", with some lightweight steps to reduce the capacity.

The unofficial beta version "RinRinDance" produced by あにまさ, which can make Kagamine Rin dance, was integrated into MikuMikuDance version on August 30, 2008, the first anniversary of the release of Hatsune Miku (the other character is "Mute Haku") From now on, you can edit and display plural characters at the same time. On September 11, 2008, version was added to Kagane Link, on October 30, version was added to "Abeiro", on November 23, version was added to "Sakiyin Miwa", and on January 5, 2009, version was added. KAITO, version on March 5 added Hatsune Miku , version on January 20, 2010 added Kagamine Ring Act2, version on August 23 added MEIKO, now a total of 11 characters can be used. Version was added to English display on May 25, 2009, and version on November 16, 2010 can be executed on Windows other than the Japanese version.

With the addition of physical computing functions in version published on July 2, 2009, character hair or skirts that used to be manually adjusted can now be processed by programs.

On September 18, 2010, Dance Intervention P published MikuMikuDance's expansion tool MikuMikuEffect[2] in NICONICO Animation, which can achieve special effects that the original MikuMikuDance can’t display, such as wind, rain, snow, flame, texture change, special Light, special background, etc.

At present, the latest version of MikuMikuDance can be connected with OpenKinect, and use Kinect to capture the producer's dynamics and directly adjust the actions of MikuMikuDance's character modules.

Higuchi better than announced on May 27, 2011 to withdraw from the development of MikuMikuDance[3][4][5], so was once regarded as the final version of MikuMikuDance.

But on October 25, 2011, Higuchi once again made a corrective update to MikuMikuDance, which is also the final stable version in the current 32-bit version. The version number is or

On August 15, 2012, after Higuchi Yu announced his withdrawal, MikuMikuDance was updated for the third time, releasing a 64-bit version with the version number of [6]. The update includes support for multi-threaded computing, faster AVI output when using Radeon series graphics cards [7], Mipmap becoming a standard feature, and other user experience updates. There is also an unofficially open 32-bit multi-threaded version [8].

Since then, until the end of 2012, Higuchi made several minor updates, but the version number remained

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