A Canadian blogger who converted to Islam after coming to Pakistan married a young man from Lahore

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A Canadian blogger who converted to Islam after coming to Pakistan has married a young man from Lahore.
According to Fasilat, Canadian blogger Rosie Gabriel, who has projected a positive image of Pakistan around the world, has given a big surprise to her Pakistani fans.
Rosie Gabriel announces her marriage to a Pakistani youth.
She is married to her friend Adeel Amir from Lahore. The photo she posted on Instagram with her husband went viral as soon as she saw it. Rosie Gabriel says she never thought she would come to Pakistan and fall in love with the people here and someone special.
All my life I have been looking for my best friend and partner.

However, before coming to Pakistan, I gave up the desire to find my spouse. I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right. But strangely enough, as soon as I gave up my desire, I found not only my best friend, but also my spouse. At the end of his message, Rosie Gabriel expressed her love for Adeel and said that you are my best friend, my partner, my heart, my love and my life partner. It should be noted that Rozi Gabriel from Canada converted to Islam during her stay in Pakistan.

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