Ace Lover - The Essentials - Best Of - Audio Mix

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Artist : Ace Lover
Project Title : The Essentials - Best Of - Audio Mix
Released 2020. All Rights Reserved C&P

Recording Artist/Producer/Street Graffiti Contemporary Artist - "AceLover"- from New York City.

The Essentials EP is a collage of songs of the last 12 years from the artist/producer Ace Lover that is able to be experienced like never before. This project,"The Essentials", as a complete body of work, helps listeners properly experience who "Ace Lover" is as an artist and as a person. AceLovers music is pure traditional Hip Hop music at its core but it is infused with a soulful twist, a creative artsy flair , the energy of the streets of New York & a dash of experimental indie styles.

You can stream the new -Ace Lover - Essentials - album on Youtube, Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud or you can buy the album directly off of the artist website.

You can learn more about the artist/producer "AceLover" on his website

-Ace Lover is a well respected, influential, successful recording artist/producer/graffiti contemporary artist from New York.

Ace Lover is a historically significant New York City (Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn) based recording artist, producer, & contemporary street all city graffiti artist with a music career spanning over a decade. He initially started making underground Hip Hop music at the turn of the century when Music Family Inc. released his 1st 12" vinyl single.

Ace Lover started young, releasing his 1st record at 16 years old competing with artist in there late 20s & early 30s, being the baby of the downtown Manhattan-Brooklyn Hip Hop music scene. His second single reached #44 on the Billboard indie single Hip Hop charts. Same year he performed at CMJ in New York City. Named next 100 by URB magazine, given best indie album by Elemental magazine, has performed at music festivals like SXSW & AC3, & toured the US & Canada. As the years went by he has cultivated his crafts & evolved into a uniquely talented, self contained, musical recording artist & contemporary art painter. AceLover was and is still respected , recognized, heralded & exalted by the New York City Hip Hop scene.

He has recorded so many classics that rare gems keep popping up online and people are enjoying them like they were brand new songs. AceLover on the mic and his wits has been compared to some of the greats.

AceLover on the downtown Manhattan graffiti/street art scene is a well respected figure as well. AceLover paid his dues downtown Manhattan just like Keith Haring & Jean-Michel Basquiat did. He came up writing graffiti downtown Manhattan when he was only 15 years old. His oil paintings are worth hundreds & hundreds of thousands of dollars and are collected by serious wealthy elite art collectors. One of his most famous paintings titled "Amazing Brains Rotoscope" is said to be worth $290,000. Blue chip art that has even been recognized by credible art galleries in Manhattan & Brooklyn.

In the realms of fashion AceLover has made a name for himself for his eccentric, eclectic,vintage, 90s, Hip Hop inspired, retro, KPOP, Vaporwave , Skater, Surf, 80s, fashion. Mixing pieces from different eras to create his own unique style of dressing and starting a lot of different trends in the New York City Streetwear scene. AceLover is synonymous with Hip Hop Fashion, period. Ace Lover & Fashion are one.

Ace Lover is one of the most enigmatic legendary iconic artist in music history. Blessed with longevity , excellent credibility, a great reputation, good luck, youthful looks, & music savant genius talent on production & as well as being a successful artist / songwriter / arranger / composer / singer / MC & singJay.
After paying his dues Ace Lover has solidified his position in music history as one of the most timeless, classic, soulful, talented gifted, respected, heralded, recognized, exalted musical prodigy savants of our times. From traditional Hip Hop to Dancehall, to mainstream pop, AceLover is truly a music, art, & fashion icon.

credits: Victor Blumberg
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