Audi A4 VW stuck window won’t go up or down - fix

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This is a detailed video showing exactly how to replace the window regulator on an Audi A4 B7 Cabriolet convertible. When the window regulator starts to go bad, the window may not go up or down fully and may get stuck. The first signs of a faulty window regulator is a crunching and noisy sound when you operate the window and you may notice the window does not go up the last few millimetres when you close the door. The end of the video shows where to get the part from, the part number and the basic tools you will need for this job. Here is a list you may want to print off to help you with the job:

First lower the window
Remove door trim to reveal 4 screws
Remove 2 TX30 and 2 TX20 screws
Remove door switch to reveal TX30 screw
Undo TX20 screw from bottom of door panel
Unclip door panel – but NOT all the way
Unclip thin door mirror/tweeter wire
Unclip door handle mechanism
Unclip window motor wire
Remove door panel all the way
Carefully remove top part of door foam by cutting away contact adhesive
Undo three TX30 screws holding window motor and allow to dangle
Push in the three plastic tabs which hold inner mechanism to door frame
Use marker pen to draw round clamps holding window glass to regulator
Undo TX30 and TX20 screw holding in window glass
Remove white plastic clip on right of window glass
Slide out window glass completely
Undo 2 x 10mm nuts holding bottoms of window regulator
Undo 1 x 10mm nut holding top right of window regulator
Unplug tweeter
Unclip tweeter mesh
Remove Phillips screw holding tweeter trim and remove trim
Remove TX20 screw holding top right of window regulator to mirror
Take out rubber trim from channel on right side of window regulator
Peel this rubber trim over triangular section of window mirror
Remove 2 x TX30 screws hidden behind rubber door seal
Unclip first two clips holding wing mirror wires to door panel.
Wiggle door mirror and slide up to remove and allow to dangle
Remove top part of rubber trim along top of door.
Unclip two white clips holding window regulator wires to door frame
Unclip green clip holding window Regulator wire to door frame
Remove this clip from old regulator by cutting cable tie
Remove old window regulator through centre of door frame
You may have to remove window scraper to get old regulator out
Installation is the reverse process BUT you will need to cable tie one green clip to wire on new regulator
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