⚔️ Blogger vs WordPress - Which Blogging Platform is BEST?

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WordPress vs Blogger, which one is best? As a professional blogger who also has a personal blogger blog, I have a unique advantage in that I use both platforms regularly and extensively.

In general, if you're wanting to build a high traffic blog go with WordPress. WordPress sites on their own shared host appear to rank a bit more easily than Blogger blogs. Combined with the extensive library of plugins to help with your on-page SEO, themes to give you full control over the design of your website and a plethora of monetization options, WordPress is is what any serious content creator and publisher uses.

So is Blogger bad? No, not at all. You just have to have the right expectations going in. Blogger is ideal for fun, casual blogs. Maybe you want to start a personal blog like me, perhaps you want to create say a helpful city guide or some other small resource website. Blogger is perfect for this. You get free hosting, no limits on your traffic or resources, can upload media with ease like pictures and videos and you can set a custom domain. Last, you can leverage Google Auto ads as well as affiliate marketing.

???? W E B H O S T I N G

► Want to start your own WordPress powered website? You'll need a shared host for that and the #1 recommended web host by the team behind WordPress is Bluehost:

???? D O M A I N N A M E S

► You'll need a domain name regardless if you go with Blogger or WordPress. I use Namecheap as my preferred domain registrar:

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► Hey I'm David. I'm a professional blogger, web designer and highly rated UX consultant.

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