Chi. La. Sow. Sravanthi (చి॥ ల॥ సౌ॥ స్రవంతి) Daily Telugu Serial - Episode 272 | Mana Entertainments

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Starring: Pulipala Nanda , Kishore,Bharani,Meena,Ramesh Prayaga

The storyline of Chi La Sow Sravanthi present the life of a girl called Sravanthi, is becoming from the middle class not so rich and her dreams to get married to a man that can make her dreams a reality. The life is not so good with her and she married to a rich man that doesn’t respect her at all and in this way she dreams disappear. For the first time her husband Mahesh with was the perfect man for Sravanthi in the view of the girl family. They all are wrong and after a while Sravanthi decided to run away and accidentally she arrives into a brothel and there is saved by an old friend of hers. This serial is appreciated because most of the Indian girls have to marry and sometimes not with good husbands for them and this serial is an emotional one and the audience can learn lots.

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