Code a Platformer Game | 3. Hitboxes & Animation

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Code a Platformer Game in Scratch Code Blocks - We add player animation with the help of the Scratch Cat Walk Cycle costumes, but to do this we need to first learn all about hitboxes. This allows us to get around the issue of getting our head and other body parts stuck on the edge of platforms! My tutorials are for all budding game & software developers, so Scratch On!

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--------------Video Chapters--------------
0:00 Intro
0:47 Why we need Hitboxes
4:24 Red when Stuck
6:22 Sprite Rotation Style
8:51 Time to hide the hitbox
11:28 Better Hitbox
13:47 Left and Right
14:35 Animating the Run Cycle
16:56 Changing the Run Cycle Speed
19:32 Idle Standing Pose
22:28 Things look too slippy
24:14 Animating a Jump and Fall
26:14 Final thing to fix
29:20 Outtro
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