Dark Souls 2 (All Bosses + DLC) - No Hit Run

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What? Were you expecting this sooner? It's only been, 10 months! Enjoy Hob's run when times were easier back at the start of 2020, with a full head of hair and when Corona jokes were still funny. Because on March 20th, 2020 Hob finally beat Dark Souls II, including all bosses from the main game and the DLCs, without getting hit!

This run was tough, it took Hob 4 months to finally get it. It also took him another 10 months to provide the files so it could actually be uploaded to YouTube. Yeah. He'll explain in the first 10 minutes of this video. But the wait is over, so enjoy two full hours and then 7 more of an epic run!

This run was part of Hob's bet to beat 12 games in 2020 without getting hit. lost that bet. But be sure to check out his Twitch stream for more bets, and more amazing runs!

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Video, overlays, editing, producing, artwork and tears by KaufLive:
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