Delhi | 25-Year-Old Dies in LNJP Hospital, Family Alleges Negligence

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Mojo Story's Anoop reports from LNJP Hospital in the national capital. We talked to a man who was standing at the gates of the hospital who lost his only son and is now blaming the hospital for his loss. The man, a resident of Paschim Vihar told us that his only son; 25-year-old, was admitted in LNJP hospital and was not diagnosed with Covid-19. The man said that his son died due to oxygen shortage and blames the hospital's negligence for his son's death. The man cries and calls his relatives informing about his son's death. Two more family members can be seen coming out of the hospital. They too filled with tears, blame the hospital's negligence for their cousin's death. The two cousins repeated that the brother was covid negative and only due to oxygen shortage they lost him.

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