Democrats 'try and run' Obama again because 'Biden is such a poor campaigner'

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The Democrats are trying to run former president Barack Obama again, even though he can’t be president, because “Joe Biden is such a poor campaigner," according to Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“Because Joe Biden is such a poor campaigner, because he always gives incidents like that or other mistakes like his jacket today, what do the democrats do? They use his former boss, the former president Barack Obama to do a lot of the campaigning," Mr Kenny said.

“You try and run Barack Obama again, even though he can’t be president.

Mr Obama at a rally in the past week said Donald Trump had “never taken the job seriously”.

In response to this critique, Mr Kenny said it was "just not plausible".

“Donald Trump has achieved an enormous amount in lowering taxes, in bringing about peace deals in the Middle East," he said.

“The Democrat messages are a real problem for them here.

“Do Americans really want a Green New Deal, higher taxes and a president whose hiding in his basement for most of the campaign?”
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