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Shivers plays a scary game that he was told DO NOT DOWNLOAD This CURSED
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Today we hope you enjoy these scary video games reactions because Shivers is testing cursed apps in this DO NOT DOWNLOAD This CURSED episode! We've had some scary reaction videos in the past, but nothing compares to the scary gameplay that has come from horror games in 2021. There are infinite cursed apps out there, but testing the creepy talking tom app, creepy talking ben, talking ginger, and even the creepy talking angela games were so cursed that we weren't sure if we could do more! But here we are! Shivers is back to test out more cursed apps to give you all some amazing horror game funny moments in our scary video games reaction video! Be sure to watch to the end and let us know which part of our "DO NOT DOWNLOAD This CURSED " episode was your favorite!

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