Don't Type Email, Create Your Own Email Bot | Python Project | Email Automation Bot | Learn Python

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Programmers are real superheroes. We can do anything.

Send unlimited emails to unlimited people without touching your computer.

This is gonna be super-fun this Christmas. Send emails without typing a single word (your friend will think you're superman).

It's super-simple. Let's get started.

Whole code:
If you face any coding related issues or anything, just join our server and we're waiting for you:

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Save your time, relax your fingers, chill and sleep, and still send mails.
Your boss will think you're so dedicated
Your friends will be jealous of your superpower
Handle all your special one while sleeping

Now, if you're new to the programming world and don't know what to do, go check out our app and build your own game immediately while learning.
Android App:
iPhone Version:

Have to go call your special one in some time? We understand your pain. Timestamp might help.
00:27 - Grandma, please don't leave us
00:47 - Creating a new project on PyCharm
01:18 - Code start
First Part
01:18 - Preparing code before diving into fun code
01:41 - How server works
02:20 - Creating server & working with it
06:02 - Fixing Authentication Error
Second Part
07:56 - The fun 't wait to start
08:25 - Installing SpeechRecognition and pyAudio packages
09:38 - Let's start our fun code
14:30 - Installing pyttsx3 package
26:25 - Final Result. How cool! ????

Oops. We know your beloved one is not always on email. We have the solution to that too. ????
Automate Messenger:
Automate WhatsApp:

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