DTC Scion B1903-73 Short Explanation

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The video focuses on the basic Scion specific diagnostic error code.
0:21 Basic DTC analysis according to OBD2 protocol standard.
1:48 Insight into programming
- an explanation of what a bit is and how a byte is formed
- decoding the Error Code to the base programming
2:58 A diagnostically understandable description of the Diagnostic Trouble Code
3:05 Basic error definition
- Possible causes or errors of the car and its parts describing the mentioned error

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B1903 73
Fuel Level Sending No Change Over Miles
Engine started;fuel level less than 15% or more than 85%,and the PCM detected a Low Fuel condition that the fuel level was less than 15% for 120 miles,or that the fuel level remained at more than 85% and did not change by at least 10% after traveling over 100 miles.
Fuel level sending unit signal circuit open or shorted to groundFuel level sending unit ground circuit is openFuel level sensing unit is damaged or the fuel tank is damaged
Failure Type:
Actuator Stuck Closed
This sub type is used for failures where the control module does not detect any motion upon commanding the operation of a motor, solenoid, relay, etc., to open some piece of equipment.
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