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Endless Love Episode 65 in Hindi Dubbed

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Two separate worlds lie on two sides of the road in a seaside neighborhood of Istanbul Both too close and too distant from each other. What happens when two young people from these two worlds fall in love?

Kemal is one of the three children of a middle class family that lives in the neighborhood. His only aim in life is to make a living and survive. Nihan is the girl from the glamorous part of the neighborhood. She’s distant to the values of her environment; she’s actually distant to her own world. Kemal and Nihan’s love is almost impossible. But their love ignores the distance between them and they somehow manage to stay together.

Kemal and Nihan are as apart as their worlds. And their love is impossible.

Burak Özçivit(Kemal Soydere)
Neslihan Atagül(Nihan Sezin)
Kaan Urgancıoğlu(Emir Kozcuoğlu)
Zerrin Tekindor(Leyla)
Neşe Baykent(Vildan Sezin)
Kürşat Alnıaçık(Önder Sezin)
Melisa Pamuk(Asu)
Orhan Güner(Hüseyin Soydere)
Zeyno Eracar(Fehime Soydere)
Burak Sergen(Galip Kozcuoğlu)

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