Flying Firefighter Truck Simulator 2021 - 3 Fire Engines Driving - Android Gameplay

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Take command in your flying firetruck as you take to the skies and save the city from fires and rescue civilians! Choose from a selection of fire trucks in the fire station and head into the line of duty fighting fires!

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► City buildings are on fire, we need rapid response units now! Drive hi-tech flying fire-engines in the all-new firetruck driving simulator game. Drive real fire trucks down city streets or fly high in the sky above the city like an airplane.

Help save people in the city from burning building and raging fires in the latest in fire-fighting experience, fly big red fire engines in style in the best of flying truck sims. The latest in driving and flying simulations with one of the best flying truck games on the play store!

Flying Firefighter Truck features:
- Customisable wings for all your trucks
- Range of unique fire trucks to unlock as you progress through your fire fighting career
- Huge city to explore
- Drive or head out on foot and grab the fire hose
- Realistic fire fighting missions

Speed into action as you patrol the city ready for reckless sports car drivers, drifters, and be ready for explosive disasters that need you to step up and extinguish the fires!

Explore the city in your fire engines or get out on foot and grab your fire hose! Head out on foot and become a fire rescue hero as you save the day putting out fires!

Take charge of this fire truck driving simulator with realistic driving and extreme firefighter situations. Take on fire jobs and speed into action with your fire engine sirens then put out fires with your fire hose to stop the inferno!

Earn cash from your firefighting career to unlock new flying firetrucks! Take to the skies in your airplane firetruck as you arrive at the scene of the fires and save the day!
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