How To Hit a Perfect Running Forehand (Footwork | Tactics | Technique)

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How To Hit a Perfect Running Forehand - Tennis Forehand On The Run Footwork, Tactics and Technique. Ever wonder why you train better than when playing matches? To be an effective match player you need to know how to hit your shots while moving as any decent opponent will keep balls out of your comfort zone. Download our FREE forehand guide -

First we need to know what it is that wee are trying to do with the ball, this will help with our positioning and tactical decision making.

Then is important to learn the correct footwork patterns so you can stay balanced before, during and after the shot which not only helps with hitting the ball but also in recovering quickly into the required position.

This tennis forehand lesson is perfect for tennis players who want to learn how to hit a forehand in tennis or how to hit a tennis forehand on the run on close, wide and far balls that you may receive from your opponents in tenis matches.

00:00 How To Hit a Forehand on the run
00:50 Tactics for Forehands While Moving
05:34 Running Tennis Forehand Footwork
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