How To Write Unit Tests In Less Than 15 Minutes (Write Better Unit Tests)

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In this video I will teach you how to write better unit tests in under 15 minutes. Throughout my career I've had the opportunity to teach other software engineers about effective unit testing. Honestly, these skills are not too difficult to master once you understand what they are. In this video we will discuss what unit tests are, why you should only test your code's behavior, how to simplify your unit test setup, why one assertion per test is enough, and why it's important to keep your unit tests isolated from one another. Wow, what a run-on sentence that was. While we won't go over how to do test driven development in this video, this is a really good prerequisite for that.

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0:00 - Intro
1:24 - What Are Unit Tests
2:02 - Test The Code's Behavior
3:30 - Simplify Unit Test Setup Process
7:36 - One Assertion Per Unit Test
10:00 - Keep Unit Tests Isolated

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