I Joined The Wrong Online Class Now I'm A Billionaire

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“Yes, I’m sorry, I’ll go noEver since Covid my school had been doing online classes. I loved it! No more getting up at the crack of dawn to get ready for school. I just hopped out of bed five minutes before class started and logged on to my computer.

That morning started off just the same as all of the other days. I clicked on to my English class and waited to see my teacher's face pop up. Suddenly there was a bright flash and the screen went blank. I had no idea what could’ve happened, maybe my computer had glitched or something.

I waited a few minutes then finally the screen lit up again. But instead of seeing Mrs Wilson, my screen was filled with a bunch of faces I didn’t recognise. My face fell in shock when I heard what they were saying,

“This mission is top secret, for your ears only! No one can know about our plans to spy on Russia.” The man said.

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I couldn’t believe it, I’d somehow managed to join a top secret government meeting. I listened as they discussed exactly how they were going to infiltrate the Russian government. It was amazing, like something out of a movie.


Suddenly all the men stopped talking and looked at each other. I couldn’t believe it, they had heard me sneezing, I must have had my microphone on!

“Who’s there? Who is it? Reveal your identity.” Said a voice.

I was about to log off but what the man said next stopped me in my tracks.

“We can trace your , we will find you! Just tell us who you are.”

“I’m Tom.” I whispered.

“Well Tom, you have made a big mistake! Tell us now, how did you get into this meeting?”

“I’m sorry! I don’t know! I was trying to log onto my English class.”

“What? You’re just a kid?”

“No! Wait! You know too much already! We can’t just let you go, hold on whilst we discuss what we will do with you.”
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