Is It Worth Buying The GAME & WATCH SUPER MARIO BROS? (Review & Unboxing)

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The Nintendo Game & Watch Super Mario Bros is here and it brings a huge kick of nostalgia for those that enjoy the older games such as Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 2: The Lost Levels, and Game & Watch: Ball - but is it worth it? Abdallah unboxes the Game & Watch Super Mario Bros and provides a review in order to help viewers make a more educated purchase decision!

Get your hands on a new piece of Super Mario™ history with a collectible Game & Watch™ system!

Tap into Nintendo’s robust history with this special Game & Watch system that includes the original Super Mario Bros.™ game, a digital clock, and more!

Play Super Mario Bros. — Game & Watch style!

Jump over bottomless pits, stomp Goombas, and enter warp pipes with the same tight controls you remember from the ‘80s! Play solo or pass Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. to a friend for alternating two-player fun.

Even more Mario!

Challenge yourself in the included Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels game, check the time with an animated Super Mario inspired digital clock, and play a special Game & Watch: Ball game with extra Super Mario flair!

Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. is a new interpretation of the original Game & Watch design that’s updated to include a +Control Pad so you can jump, leap, and stomp with precision and ease. In addition to Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels offers even more gameplay…and some extra challenge to boot!

When you’re not saving Princess Peach, check out the included digital clock. As time passes, 35 different animations may play…including some guest appearances from Mario’s friends and foes!

Play a special version of Game & Watch: Ball with a Super Mario Bros. makeover for a true blast to the past!

▪ Get your hands on a new piece of Super Mario history with a collectible Game & Watch system!
▪ Play the whole Super Mario Bros. game and save the Mushroom Kingdom
▪ Challenge yourself by taking on Super Mario Bros. : The Lost Levels
▪ Watch out for Super Mario inspired surprises as time changes in the included digital clock
▪ Juggle Super Mario Bros. style in a Mario version of Game & Watch : Ball

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