Joe Biden is ‘having a bet each-way’ on lockdowns

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Joe Biden knows the lockdown mentality will not win over the majority of American voters so he is “backing away” from it, according to Sky News host Rita Panahi.

The Outsiders have visited Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania where they spoke to voters about their opinions of both candidates and the issues that mattered.

Voters in Punxsutawney were contrast to those Sky News hosts Rita Panahi and James Morrow spoke with in Pittsburgh as they focused more on key issues.

One voter spoke of Joe Biden and the Democrats’ policy on the environment and energy and how that would affect the local community.

“They (workers) want nothing to do with the Green New Deal; we have fracking here, we have coal, we have gas,” the voter said.

The issue of coronavirus and the pandemic was not as important an issue for the community as the economic effects and consequences of the lockdown.

Ms Panahi said Joe Biden is “trying to have a bet each way” with his position on lockdowns.

“He is now saying ‘no I don’t want to lockdown society, I don’t want to lockdown the economy, I’m just going to lockdown the virus’,” she said.

“How’s that going to work.

“He knows the lockdown mentality … is not going to win over the majority, so he’s backing away from that.”
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