LNP failed to prosecute one of the most ‘profligate and laziest Labor governments’

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It is an indictment on the LNP that it could not prosecute a case against one of the most “profligate, laziest Labor governments” in Australia, according to Sky News host Rowan Dean.

It comes as Queensland Labor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has been returned to office after her government defeated the LNP opposition on Saturday’s election.

“When are the pampered little corner of south east of Queensland going to realise that all their things, their public servant jobs, their hospitals, their university gender diversity courses and all this rubbish comes from the hard work of those people in Queensland,” Mr Dean said.

He derided the effort of the Frecklington-led LNP to not properly argue against the Palaszczuk government’s more-than $100 billion debt, and its tough border closures.

“Why on earth could you not prosecute a case with one of the most profligate, laziest Labor governments in the country when the hard-working people of Queensland are now saddled with that (debt),” Mr Dean said.

“That’s a real real savage indictment on the right side of politics in Queensland.”
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