Love Movie Ending Explained In Malayalam | Hidden Details You Missed + Movie Analysis

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Love 2020 Malayalam Movie Explanation :
Let's dig deep into what Khalid Rahman's Love tries to speak with the audience & analyze what happened really at the climax of the movie.

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00:50​​ ശെരിക്കും എത്ര പേരുണ്ട് ?
01:10​​ ആരാണ് pregnant?
01:33​​ 1st fight
01:55​ Mental health of Anoop
02:19​ Suicide tendency explained
02:36 Who are these two friends ?
04:30​ Director brilliance spotted
05:00​​ Bipolar thoughts of Anoop explained
05:29​​ Proof of this theory
06:13​​ 2nd entry
06:52 Room reference
07:00​​ Climax explained
07:30​​ Our thoughts on the film
08:00​​ Why online release?

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