Meghan Markle and Harry facing Spotify backlash after producing just one episode so far

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The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex announced last year they would produce a series of of podcast episodes for streaming giant Spotify.

However, the couple have so far only produced a Christmas 2020 special, published under their Archewell Audio brand.

The lack of output has led observers to question whether the couple, who had previously signed a purportedly lucrative deal with Netflix, have taken on too much work.

Despite their various simultaneous projects and Harry’s two corporate jobs, reports claimed the couple is set to go on a 20-week parental break to spend more time with their newborn daughter, Lilibet Diana, and their son, Archie Harrison.

Royal expert Phil Dampier pointed out that the couple are “using up a lot of ammunition” but might have “too much on their plate”.

He told The Sun: “We're being told they're having up to five months off and people who are paying them a lot of money will expect something in return.

“They seem to be using up a lot of ammunition very early and putting a lot of stuff out there in terms of deals and agreements with lots of firms.

“The question might be asked whether they have too much on their plate.”

PR guru Mark Borowski theorised the podcast episodes may have been pre-recorded and will be released throughout the year.

He also argued that having the popular couple as part of its roster was a “win-win” situation for the streaming firm.

Mr Borowski said: “Even if the shows haven’t materialised yet, it’s a win-win for Spotify to have two of the most famous people in the world connected to them.

“But Harry and Meghan will be under scrutiny to deliver. What are these guys going to produce? What do they stand for?.

“Having just had a baby and dealing with Covid too might explain the delay.

“It might be different if they weren’t so keen on having full control over output.”
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