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MARIUS WOOWARD is a 22-year-old singleton currently living in Las Vegas. Originally from Romania, at the age of just eight years old, Marius was involved in a tragic accident. His father threw a gas can onto his mum in a heated argument causing a house fire that took both of his parents’ lives. Marius suffered third and fourth-degree burns, causing 75% of his body to be covered in burns. Since the accident, Marius has been in six relationships, but is yet to find the ‘one’. Marius told Truly: “Because of my burns, I found that it’s a little harder to date. I’ve tried dating apps, but I don’t understand the emotion that someone might bring when texting.” Marius is excited and nervous to see how his blind date will take to his burns. “It was six months ago I went on a date, so I'm really excited to get another chance to go on another date and see how things go.” Will Marius meet the girl of his dreams?

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Videographer: Clint Montgomery and Joe Roberts
Producers: Dav Rich and Ruby Coote
Editor: Paul Zeller

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