& My Peach Pass 2.0 Mobile App Update

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The new website and Peach Pass Go! mobile app have officially launched. To date, we have already had 34,634 visitors to test the new website and 28,490 customers to download the mobile app. As a loyal Peach Pass customer, thank you for helping us to ensure functionality of the new back office system that populates the website and mobile app. Your feedback on your experience is helping us do a thorough diagnostic evaluation and identify issues post launch so that we can make any necessary adjustments to enhance the services you receive.

It is our goal to keep you engaged and informed,  so we are providing you with some key updates on the status of incidents that you have communicated to us or that we have discovered through ongoing testing of the system.
We want access to these updates to be quick, easy, and convenient for you, please view a brief informational video for you.
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