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A brand new shoe from Nike, not really sure if its been released or not?!

But i managed to buy a pair and here are my initial thoughts on the shoe.
I took them out for 8 miles around my tempo pace of 7:30/mi to test the new upper, relive the midsole and outsole and assess the value. A good set of updates here, vastly more stability in the heel and lockdown is better implemented than the Tory party. :)

Let me know your thoughts and opinions on this far improved version of the Infinity Run. Its like the star wars original trilogy only better and without the weird bits that George Lucas decided to replace/amend like the Gredo section. Why did he do that?! :)

Hold tight people, stay strong and we WILL make it through.

Keep it nice in the comments please, i do not do unpleasant, its just ..... unpleasant. See you in the digital ones and

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