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‘Friends from everywhere, in Bolivia there was no coup’

This was a quote that flooded tens of thousands of social media accounts in the aftermath of what, in fact, was an attempted right wing overthrow of the Bolivian government after the Oct 20th elections.

Bot accounts began spreading confusion about the events surrounding Bolivian President Evo Morales’ abrupt resignation and his flight from the country as he and his supporters were attacked in their homes around the country and the military attempted to take charge.

What is a 'bot? Bots are tiny computer programs that float around the internet, doing things. Companies use them to put positive reviews of their products on message boards and respond to customer service requests, among other things. Has it ever felt like a stupid computer was responding to you on a website? It was probably a bot.
So when these bots began seeding social media and message boards with fake news about Morales’ fraudulently stealing the election and saying there was “no coup” against him, when, in fact, there was, the major Western news outlets… the New York Times, CNN, “chatter bots”... yet another set of programs which scour online “chatter” to “discover” “news” in places where the news agencies don’t actually have any reporters or employees at all were tricked into thinking the exact opposite of what was true was going on.
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