Raisa - Love & Let Go (Official Lyric Video)

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“The only thing constant in this world is change”, and a change can be something amazing. Love & Let Go is a song about putting yourself first, even if it means things have to change. It can be uncomfortable, and even sad, but sometimes that’s what it takes to grow.

Listen to a sneak peek of Raisa’s upcoming album including ‘Love & Let Go’ :

Lyric Video Credits

Creative Direction by Veren Leoni
Footages of Raisa in the studio taken by Vinodii
Edited by RUPA & Hanifati Husna

Song Credits

Written by Raisa Andriana & Joshua David Kunze
Composed by Raisa Andriana, Jessi Mates, Joshua David Kunze, Marco Steffiano, Adrian Rahmat Purwanto
Produced by S/EEK (Marco Steffiano, Jessilardus Mates, Adrian Rahmat Purwanto, & Josh Kunze)
Guitars by Devinza Kendranata
Bass by Rishanda Singgih
Drums & Programming by Jessilardus Mates, Marco Steffiano
Keys & Synths by Adrian Rahmat Purwanto
Vocal Directed by Barsena Bestandhi
Edited by Anugrah Swastadi
Mixed by Stevano at Sembunyi Studio
Mastered by Dimas Pradipta at Sum It! Studio

Executive Produced by JUNI Records

Connect with Raisa
TikTok: @raisa6690
Merch Store:

Lyric video of Raisa’s ‘Love & Let Go’.
©️ 2021 JUNI Records
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