San Diego: Hit & Run Suspect Caught 07192021

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INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 7-19-21 1:05 pm
LOCATION: W. Ash St & 1st Ave
CITY: San Diego

We do not know the directions of the two vehicles. A witness told me that he heard the crash and saw the female driver of the Jeep drive away, so he followed her.

She went south on the I-5 and then got off at 10th Ave and made her way to 7th St and parked outside of the Symphony Hall, where he called the Police. The female driver of the red car was able to get out of the vehicle and suffered minor injuries. Her father who was a passenger took the brunt of the impact as the vehicle was T-boned by the Jeep.

The father had to be extricated by the firefighters and was transported to Scripps Mercy hospital with major injuries according to the Fire Btn. Chief. The female was questioned by the Police and a crime report was taken for the “Hit & Run”. The crime will turn into a felony if the major injury is confirmed by the hospital.
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