Sarpanch and Headmaster Inaugurated Kinder Garden at GMS Biathang

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Sarpanch and Headmaster Inaugurated Kinder Garden at GMS Biathang


IN Kargil Ladakh, Sarpanch Shilikchey and VEC Member Government Model Middle School Biathang Mohammad Abass Khan and Headmaster Gulzar Hussain inaugurated the Nursery Section/Kinder Garden of the School after a beautiful welcome session for nursery section after a prolonged vacation of more than one year due to Covid 19.
The village of Biathang Shilikchey in the frontier district of Kargil has transformed its local education system. This was achieved after the local government primary school was adopted by villagers through the efforts of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) in 2016.
In 2016, the school had five students and two teachers. This has changed dramatically and now, the school enrolment had increased to 136 students with 8 teachers and state-of-the-art infrastructure.
In addition to Government Middle School, Biathang there are number of exemplary schools in Kargil district such as Government High School, Lankore, Karith, M S Latoo etc.
Abass Khan while talking to the parents and students at the school said that the villagers are trying their best to provide necessary support from their end to provide quality education form Government Run Schools by running the school on PP Mode.
He further told that in the last few years the School has been listed among the top most schools of the district and the Management is working on a plan to extent the infrastructure of the school with Play Grounds and other facilities.
Its pertinent to mention here that These schools have become an important talking-point in villages across the region. There is a growing interest in various villages to adopt their government schools to ensure that their children receive high quality education free-of-cost.
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