"Scan the Code to Pay" in Chinese ???? | Checking in at a Hotel (4/6)

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In today's China no one really uses cash or credit cards: everything - and I mean EVERYTHING - can be paid for with mobile apps like WeChat. Scanning codes and getting your code scanned - 扫码支付 (sǎo mǎ zhī fù) - has become an essential part of daily life. ????

In this short lesson, we'll go over the vocabulary for 扫码支付 (sǎo mǎ zhī fù) - getting your code scanned to pay, with helpful examples so you can be prepared for this common situation. Check it out - this lesson will be the most valuable one minute of your day! ????

In the next video, Part 5, we'll take a broader look at 'checking in at a hotel' to give you valuable cultural and language insights beyond the vocab. See you there!

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