SCP-246 | Prophetic Projector (SCP Orientation)

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SCP Orientation is an archive of files of the SCP Foundation.

Today we will be examining Item number SCP-246: Prophetic Projector, Object class: Safe.

SCP-246 is a 16-millimeter film projector. When activated and pointed at a screen or other white surface, a film appears, even though SCP-246's film (hereafter referred to as SCP-246-01) does not pass in front of the projection lamp.

Examination of SCP-246-01 suggests that it is blank while inert. Despite SCP-246-01's content or lack thereof, when activated, SCP-246 projects a short film in the style of 1950s educational films.

SCP-246 seems to have a limited degree of awareness, as a female D-class subject was shown a film entitled "So You're Not Going to Live Very Long!". Shortly afterwards, she was terminated at the end of the month as per procedure.

All subjects exposed to SCP-246 suffer the afflictions shown in the film shortly after exposure.

Proceed to begin your training.

This video is derived from and released under Creative Commons Sharealike Contributor: orikae

Voice Over Artist: Greg Katerman; Twitter: @DatGreyMind

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Attribution:Sanjoy Sanyal


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