SCP-393 | The Memory Planner (SCP Orientation)

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SCP Orientation is an archive of files of the SCP Foundation.

Today we will be studying Item number SCP-393: The Memory Planner, Object class: Euclid.

SCP-393 is an ordinary blue day planner with a year embroidered into its cover that always matches the current year. SCP-393 has the ability to 'link' to a nearby subject via unknown means. Once linked, the day planner will appear in the hands of its owner whenever it is not being watched.

Additionally, any event written in the past dates of the day planner are instantly recalled by the subject as if they experienced it themselves.


SCP-393 has a heavy effect on the memory of the subject, but subject's memories fall apart under questioning. - Dr [REDACTED]

Proceed to begin your training.

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