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Every run you take is so diverse, with the snow conditions, terrain, run choice and ski choice all affecting the skiers objective. This objective then moulds the personal focus or cues the skier uses to perform the run.

Woudn't it be great if you could tap into the inner thoughts of the tops skiers to see how they assess all of the above? “Run Focus” is a world's first series based on individual runs from the world's top skiers, with core focuses and personal goals for that specific moment in time.

Every time a skier sets off down the hill there are so many micro thoughts, "on the fly" adjustments, and prior planning that is overlooked. Sharing these secrets from the worlds best can help all skiers understand the finer details of how and why a run is planned and executed the way that it is.

Run Focus will cover all aspects of skiing, from short turns to powder skiing, all types of snow conditions, and it will be regularly updated throughout the northern winter seasons (4 to be released Feb/March 2021 with more in season 2021/22 - Feb 28th, March 7th, March 14th, March 21st).

Each episode is the length of a lift ride so you can choose a topic that suits the conditions that you have in front of you and put the information to immediate use.

The ALL ACCESS VIDEO PASS gives you access to each of these 3-4 minute, action packed instructional gems.

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