sort and organize my new nct photocards (and transferring my a4 l-holders)

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my brain went to utter mush in this video; i'm not that coherent lol

hi there

gosh, sorry for the super abrupt cuts and editing at times. the video is as dysfunctional as ever but i hope you enjoy the chat anyway!

as promised, supplies:

✨ a4 binder (for l-holders) |
✨ binders | from walmart, office depot, and target
✨ fanmade nct binder (the one that holds my wayv/nct u stuff) | from a twitter seller back in 2018 (they're no longer available, sorry!!)
✨ clear binder sleeves* (ultrapro and bcw) | from amazon
*i use: 9-pocket, 6-pocket, 4-pocket (normal + mini), 2-pocket (normal + big), and 1-pocket
2-pocket (big ones for neo zone postcards / reload posters) | ​
4-pocket (mini ones for syb cards and ty/kun resonance kihnos pcs) | ​
✨ clear pc sleeves (dragonshield clear classics) | from amazon
✨ colored* pc sleeves/placeholders (dragonshield classics) | from amazon
*i use: black, pink, blue, and lilac (matte)
✨ holographic colored*( pc sleeves/placeholders (no brand) | ​
*i use: white, black, blue, pink, and purple

tysm for tuning in! see you next time.

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