Spotify not Showing on Discord - 4 Easy FIXES [2021 Updated]

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Are you facing an error with Spotify not Showing on Discord?

Spotify not Showing on Discord

Spotify is one of the most popular music services in the world.

With Spotify, users are allowed to listen to countless songs and music.

They can create their own library of songs and share them with other users.

You can then add them to your favorites and listen to them whenever you want.

4 Easy Solution to Fix Spotify not Showing on Discord

How to Fix Spotify Not Showing On Discord?

1. To show Spotify on Discord, you can try this quick fix that works really well:

2. Remove Spotify from Discord Connections

3. Now, Log out of Discord and Log out of Spotify as well

4. Clear browser cache/passwords

5. Log back into Discord and Spotify

6. Finally, try Connecting Spotify through Chrome

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Solution 1 Reinstall Spotify and Discord

Reinstalling gives the app a new lease of life. It fixes many common issues you may experience.

Close Spotify. Go to the Control Panel

Click Programs and Features

Select Spotify in the list and click uninstall

Follow the instructions on the screen.

Download and install Spotify.

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Solution 2 Clear Browsing Cache & Passwords

This has helped many users solve the problem.

All they had to do was remove the Spotify accounts from the Discord Connection settings.

Then, they had to log out of both Discord and Spotify.

Now, go ahead and clear all your browser cache and passwords.

Make sure you run both Discard and Spotify as an admin.

Log in to both of these accounts.

Now, go back to the connection settings and reconnect the Spotify with the discord.

Try to use Discord on your browser for this process.

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Solution 3 Make Sure you have Enabled Discord Status

Most users like to disable their status

For various reasons, they may disable the status of the currently playing program or game.

In addition, players who set their status to offline or similar will not display the correct status.

First, go to Discord’s settings

Check whether the show status settings are enabled.

Ensure that Discord is detecting Spotify.

Sometimes, you may have to manually detect software or game before you can show it as your status.

Make sure that your status is set to online.

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