The Coate Inquiry doesn’t look like ‘it’s looking for the truth’: Peta Credlin

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Peta Credlin says when it comes to the Victorian hotel quarantine debacle it’s “not the crime, it’s the coverup” and her documentary ‘Deadly Decisions: Victoria’s Hotel Quarantine Catastrophe’ delves into the decisions which led to 800 deaths.

Ms Credlin said the major issue which needed to be addressed was the way in which the Coate Inquiry has gone about “finding the truth”.

In the special event ‘Deadly Decisions,’ Ms Credlin interviewed “two whistle blowers” who were heavily involved in hotel quarantine and put key submissions to the Coate Inquiry which were ignored.

“One in particular put 500 pages of legal documentation that was received but never formally tendered in evidence,” she said.

“Is it going to be a truth telling inquiry, or is it going to be a whitewash.

“If politics is crook, then at least our justice system finds the truth. This will be the real test.”

‘Deadly Decisions: Victoria’s Hotel Quarantine Catastrophe’ premieres this Sunday at 8pm on Sky News on Foxtel, Sky News on WIN or listen live on Sky News Radio on iHeartRadio. The program will also be available on demand on
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