The ULTIMATE CHAT BOT For Twitch! - Streamer bot

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is the newest chat bot for Twitch. I have completely eliminated Lioranboard, Touch Portal, Voice Attack and NOOBS CMDR from my stream setup.

If you want to grow your Twitch stream and get more viewers, then this video is loaded with streaming tips just for you! Jk, I’m only putting words like “Twitch Growth”, “viewers” and “streaming tips” to trick the algorithm into thinking this is actually a good video. Hoo hoo, get prank’d YouTube, I am the king of SEO.


00:00 Intro
02:48 Installing
03:58 Connecting OBS & Twitch
06:12 Creating Actions
08:23 Chat Commands
09:14 Twitch Bits & Subs
11:00 Voice Commands
12:22 Hot Keys
13:03 Channel Point Rewards
17:21 Outro


► Wiki (for the programming nerds out there)
► OBS Websocket


► Crash Course


► Camera
► Microphone
► Lights
► All My Gear!

=== SOCIALS ===

► Get help on the Discord Server!
► Watch the Live Stream!
► Twitter
► Merch
► Business Inquiries Only nuttylmao@
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