UK Reclaim Party 'taking back the language' from those using it 'negatively'

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Actor and singer-songwriter Laurence Fox says his counter “cancel culture” party is bringing a "huge" pushback against United Kingdom lockdowns.

After being “cancelled” earlier this year for suggesting Britain was not a racist country, Mr Fox established the Reclaim Party, which he described as focusing on “taking something back”.

“Taking back the language from those that wish to use it negatively against us,” he told Sky News host Rowan Dean.

He said the party also looked to organize “robust debate between people who can disagree with each other without calling each other racists”.

“I don’t even see what I’m trying to do as a political movement, I just see it as can we reclaim a bit of common sense to the argument and talk to each other,” he said.

Mr Fox also said UK citizens were being “ruled” and not “led” by the British government as it prepared to plunge England into four weeks of a coronavirus-induced lockdown.

“Essentially at the end of the day we feel that we have some supremacy over a virus, which we don’t,” he said.

“We’re just committing economic suicide.”
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