Vienna 'terrorist' threat ongoing as at least one attacker remains at large

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Two people are dead with at least one gunman still being hunted by security forcesafter attacks across six locations – branded terror related incidents by the Austrian Interior Ministry – were carried out in Vienna.

Interior Minister Karl Nehammer says several suspects are still being pursued and described them as heavily armed and dangerous.

Sky News understands special forces units are currently hunting them and residents in Vienna have been instructed to stay away.

Mr Nehammer also said he was not limiting the attacks to a certain area as the perpetrators remain “mobile”.

Police in the Austrian capital said the attack was carried out by several suspects armed with rifles, and that one has been shot dead by officers.

Gunmen open fired on people enjoying a last evening out before a coronavirus lockdown Monday, authorities said.

They added that the attack has left two people dead - including the suspect killed by police and one bystander - and 15 wounded, receiving treatment,

The attacks began in an area near the city’s central synagogue, however, it remains unclear whether the religious site was an intended target.

The attacks indicate a resurgence of terror attacks seen in France in recent weeks has now spread as it continues in Vienna.
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