Voyager App Review (My Experience Transferring Crypto From Voyager To My Hardware Wallet)

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In today's Voyager App review, I share my experience transferring cryptocurrency (Litecoin) from Voyager account into my hardware wallet. The entire process went smoothly, and I'm excited to share my personal experience step-by-step.
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0:00 Introduction: I'm going to share, step-by-step, how I successfully purchased and transferred Litecoin (LTC) from my Voyager App account into my hardware wallet.
1:14 Sign up for the Voyager App with my code for $25 in free Bitcoin. See the details in the pinned comment. (Disclosure: I am a Voyager affiliate.)
1:53 SCREENSHOT 1: My personal Voyager App account overview.
2:25 With the price of Bitcoin (BTC) going down, many investors are interested in buying crypto at this time.
2:56 SCREENSHOT 2: I deposited $500 for my Litecoin (LTC) test.
3:33 SCREENSHOT 3: Even with my deposit still pending, Voyager allowed me to invest my deposit into crypto.
4:22 If you are experiencing delays on Voyager, it may be because their AI is trying to protect the platform.
4:57 SCREENSHOT 4: It was really easy purchasing Litecoin (LTC) on Voyager.
5:49 SCREENSHOT 5: Here's what the withdrawal screen looks like.
6:06 Info on Hardware Wallets
6:45 Key Takeaway: Everyone should have experience transferring cryptocurrency on the blockchain. These are great skills to have.
7:35 SCREENSHOT 6: I entered my Litecoin address into my Voyager App. The fee is LTC for the withdrawal.
8:00 I really like Litecoin for these reasons.
8:39 BlockFi is another great crypto platform that I love! (Disclosure: I am a BlockFi affiliate.)
9:12 SCREENSHOT 7: I hit a glitch with Voyager and had to restart my phone.
9:39 SCREENSHOT 8: I successfully got back into Voyager, with my crypto withdrawal pending.
10:20 SCREENSHOT 9: The withdrawal is complete! It's in my hardware wallet!
10:44 SCREENSHOT 10: I used BlockChair website to verify my transaction on the blockchain.
11:22 SCREENSHOT 11: More info about my Litecoin transfer.
11:42 I tested things again, and it worked seamlessly again (other than the phone restart bug).
12:25 Check out my pinned comment for my Voyager affiliate link. (Disclosure: I am a Voyager affiliate.)

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