Why are Discord Music Bots Getting Shut Down? (Groovy, Rythm, Etc...) & Interviewing Groovy Creator!

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Some weeks ago, The owner of Groovy Bot Received a cease and desist from Youtube. 3 Weeks later, it was the turn of the Rythm's owner to receive it. So what is currently going on with the discord music bots? Why are they getting shut down and what are the solutions? We're going to see all that in this video!

Thanks to Nik, the creator of Groovy, one of the most popular discord bot for accepting to answers my questions. Here is the Groovy merch website if you want to support him!

Thanks to @SimplySample Who helped me making this video by being the second voice inside it.

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► Songs used are from epidemic sounds

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0:00 Intro
0:52 What is happening with the discord music bots?
2:21 What are the solutions?
3:32 What is the Impact on discord overall?
4:45 Interview of Nik the creator of Groovy
6:35 Conclusion

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